145 high quality high-res aerial textures up to 400 megapixels up to 100.000 pixels wide suitable for general usage includes roads, cross road walks, fields and pavements at different times of season and frozen water features.

  1. Plugins

    VRayScatter for Maya is a plug-in for V-Ray rendering system. With this plug-in, it is possible to create complicated scenes with a huge amount of objects easy and quickly. 
    Usually scenes in Maya with a great amount of even identical objects take a lot of space on HDD, consumes time for loading, and very hard to work with. VRayScatter for Maya solves these problems. A scene containing 500 000 identical objects created with Maya 2008 occupies 1400Mb of HDD space. Now, if it is created with VRayScatter and still containing the same 500 000 objects take just 250Kb.

    please note: VRayScatter performs best with latest V-Ray versions.

    Demo is available on request
    License server is included
    Supported by the Chaos Cloud

  2. Plugins

    MultiScatter is a plug-in for 3ds Max, based on VRayScatter technology its designed to work not only with V-Ray but also with Arnold, Mental Ray, Corona, Octane, Maxwell, FStormRender (others can be added by using our SDK)

    MultiScatter allows rendering engines to generate huge amount of objects in array.
    The support for 64-bit systems allows MultiScatter to create and submit for render, for example, forest or even a city in a blink of an eye.
    Quick render time generation of objects with optimized RAM management makes process of scene creation very efficient.

    Lifetime license and free updates. No subscription fees. License server is included.

    for Maya please see VRayScatter for Maya or contact us for MultiScatter for Maya beta

  3. Plugins
    MadCar 3 |

    MadCar 3 is a plug-in for 3DS Max for quick rigging of wheeled vehicles and their animations by simulating the control. This new version allows rigging vehicles with any number of wheels, and with any of their mutual arrangements including motorcycles. Any number of trailers is also supported.

    There are simplified behavior setting for each of the wheels and suspension as well as fine tuning, this allows to simulate motion with qualities of a race car as well as heavy trucks. Animation is created during the simulation in real time. Simulation can be controlled by the keyboard, joysticks, game controllers, or steering wheel."Following the object" mode is also supported.

    The package also includes a procedural map that generates traces of tires on the surface on which vehicle is moving (V-Ray only).

    We offer 14 days money back, if the plugin does not suite your needs.
    License server is included.

  4. Models
    iGrass |

    Photo realistic 3d grass has always been a challenge to create in 3ds Max.
    We decided to created our own 3d library which include several types of field and garden plants.
    These 3d models are ideal for creating lawns, fields and grasslands to enhance your visualization projects.

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