1. iGrass
    iGrass |

    This collection consists of more than 30 types of grass and other field plants.
    Including 15 preconfigured scenes which are specially designed to work with MultiScatter to enhance your photo realistic 3d environments and save your time.
    The 3d models can be also used separately without MultiScatter.

  2. iTrees vol.2 Summer
    iTrees vol.2 Summer |

    Collection of trees and bushes optimised for  MultiScatter

  3. iFlowers vol.2 Alpine

    Collection of 106 different shape plants for alpine garden.

  4. iFlowers vol.3 Flowerbeds

    Collection of 78 different shape field flowers.

  5. iFlowers vol.4 Water

    90+ models of water flowers and plants

  6. iFlowers vol.5 Stands

    35+ models of plant stands full of flowers

  7. KarbaTrees vol.1
    KarbaTrees vol.1 |

    Collection of 15 hi-poly different shape trees

  8. iTrees Palms vol.1
    iTrees Palms vol.1 |

    620 unique hi-poly palm tree 3d models!

  9. iTrees vol.1 Autumn
    iTrees vol.1 Autumn |

    75 highly detailed trees and bushes in their autumn colours 

  10. iTrees vol.4 Fir Trees

    Fir Trees 3d models collection

  11. iBushes vol.1
    iBushes vol.1 |

    Collection of bushes in different shapes and sizes!

  12. iFences
    iFences |

    37 models of fences made from steel, wood and glass

  13. iCars Vol.1
    iCars Vol.1 |

    10 highly detailed 3d models of cars released in year 2010

  14. iAlpine for MultiScatter

    22 photo realistic alpine plants and rockeries sets for MultiScatter and VRay

  15. iTrees vol.5 Pine Trees

    Pine Trees 3d models collection

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