1. VRayPattern for Maya

    VRayPattern allows Maya periodically multiply geometry without extra memory consumption. 

  2. SplineLand
    SplineLand |

    This plugin is for spline based terrain modelling in 3ds Max.

  3. VRayScatter for Maya

    VRayScatter for Maya is a plug-in for V-Ray rendering system. With this plug-in, it is possible to create complicated scenes with a huge amount of objects easy and quickly.

  4. VRayPattern
    VRayPattern |

    VRayPattern allows you periodically multiply geometry without extra memory consumption. 

  5. CityTraffic
    CityTraffic |

    New and significantly improved CityTraffic 2, advanced AI-based animation system for vehicle movements

  6. MultiScatter

    MultiScatter is a plug-in for 3ds Max; based on VRayScatter technology, the plug-in now supports V-Ray,  Arnold, Mental Ray, Octane , Corona, Maxwell, FStormRender and other renderers.

  7. MadCar 3
    MadCar 3 |

    This plug-in is for  wheeled vehicle animation in 3dsmax including motorcycles.

  8. AutoWrinkles
    AutoWrinkles |

    AutoWrinkles is a geometry modifier designed for fast and easy creation of secondary deformations that greatly adds realism to a model.

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  9. VRayScatter
    VRayScatter |

    VRayScatter is a plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max®, Autodesk 3ds Max Design® and V-Ray. Create millions of objects, millions of polygons each.

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