iTrees Palms vol.1


620 unique hi-poly palm tree 3d models!

Product Description

Collection of 21 most common species of palm trees.
Each palm tree includes 5-6 variations in shape and each shape includes 5 types of stem and branches. All models include preconfigured materials for VRay 1.5 SP3.
Total models: 620

pdf catalogue (14mb)

Files Included
  • iTrees Palms V-Ray (1.1gb)
  • iTrees Palms Mental Ray (1.1gb)
  • iTrees Palms FBX (3.6gb)

the following spicies are included in this 3d models library:

  • Аrchontophoenix
  • Beaucarnea Recurvata
  • Beccariophoenix
  • Bismarckia Nobilis
  • Butia Capitata
  • Chamaerops Humilis
  • Cocos Nucifera
  • Copernicia
  • Cycas Revoluta
  • Dictyosperma Album
  • Elaeis Guineensis
  • Hyophorbe Lagenicaulis
  • Livistona
  • Phoenix Canariensis
  • Roystonea
  • Sabal Palmetto
  • Trachycarpus
  • Washingtonia Robusta
  • Wodyetia
  • Yucca Elata
  • Yucca Rostrata
System Requirements

Requires 3ds max 2009 and higher
Materials are optimised for V-Ray and Mental Ray
FBX format is also available