MadCard 3 Demo is available!

MadCard 3 Demo is available in download area on products page (login required).
Sample file (DemoScene.max) includes a scene with 3 rigged models (Car, Motobike and a track with a trailer ) and a racing track .
The models include MadCar rig and animation.

To create own simulation you need to choose one of the MadCar helper objects, then click on "Update Surface", chose "Driving Type" (Mouse, Joystick, Keyboard or Target) and click on Drive, after that you can start driving in real time.

For convenience you can choose camera view linked to particular vehicle or link your own camera.

All geometries of included vehicles linked to helpers with standard 3ds Max tools.
It’s possible to change it to your own geometry but won’t be able to change physical parameters of the rig or create a new rig (this is a Demo version limitation).

It’s also possible to adjust surface or create a new one.

It’s possible to change location of the "start position" and create your own. To do that you need to click on "reset animation" in MadCar object parameters.

Please note that Track with a Trailer consist of 2 MadCar objects and for controlling it you need to choose only the Track, and the trailer will just follow it.

In case you have a slow PC real time simulation may look inadequate, you can slowly change "Time delay" parameter to achieve best results.