Major update to MultiScatter - now includes MultiPainter!

This latest version of MultiScatter includes several improvements and bug fixes, as well as a new object type and method of scattering - MultiPainter.

MultiPainter can arrange objects on the surface using a virtual paintbrush. This does not create additional geometries which therefore simplifies the process of working with large arrays of objects.

Placement can be done both on one and multiple surfaces at the same time. Multiple objects of different types can be scattered simultaneously.

MultiPainter includes most current types of randomisations available for MultiScatter objects.

Once created MultiPainter objects can be modified in several ways, including changing their location, scale, rotation, as well as creating copies.

Animated objects are also supported. In addition it is possible to convert MultiScatter objects into MultiPainter with few restrictions.

MultiPainter objects are fully compatible with V-Ray and Mental Ray.

Latest version and the manual can be downloaded from the forum.

Update is free to existing MultiScatter owners, please read the manual as the installation procedure has changed.

In the unlikely event of your old license key not working, please contact us for an update.