VRayScatter 2.5.5

1/19/09 New version VRayScatter. Now there is a unique possibility to create even more complicated and realistic scenes, doing this process easy as never before. Intuitively simple interface, rich possibilities and excellent result. A new generation algorithm was developed and also a new features are available now:

• Animation parameters support.
• Objects crossing control.
• Support of animated and procedural maps.
• Gradient Edge and Color Edge support.
• Possibility to set rotate parameters on a map.
• Possibility of scaling by local coordinates (on each axis separately).
• Possibility of mixing simultaneously a few maps by VRayScatterMask.
• Possibility to set a proxy color, based on texture of allocated surface. Also a possibility to mix this color with procedural.
• Render nodes now not need registration.

Price of VRayScatter 2.0 is € 200. Rendernode version is for free now.
New version for all users of previous version is for free.